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Cool Women's Event in Austin

The Remarkable Women's Conference ( is almost here and whether you've registered yet or not, please read on for opportunities to support women in the Austin Area. 
On May 11-12, 500 women from all parts of the community will gather to connect, learn, grow and support each other.  If you would like to be a part of this, there are lots of options - you can Pre-register, Donate a Registration, Pass this Information Along, Volunteer and Support our Charity (see below for details on each).

We also need volunteers.  If you volunteer for four hours (plus the orientation session) you'll get into the conference for free.  Just contact!

1.  Pre-register:  As soon as possible - We are going to award one scholarship for every 25 people who pre-register.  Go to and use coupon code SUPPORT to get the discounted registration price of only $129.00 for both days including Friday night's reception and help someone receive a scholarship.

2.  Donate a Registration:  Although $129.00 doesn't seem like much to many of us, for some women it's the difference between paying rent or not.  If you would like to donate a registration go to, use coupon code DONATE and under your "Company Name" put Donate Registration. (This will also count toward the 25 registrations needed for another scholarship!)

3.  Pass the information along:  The Remarkable Conference is about creating lasting connections and community which we believe happens when women communicate. Passing this along to your contacts will help us immensely in our quest to support women.

4.  Volunteer:  We still have a few volunteer spots left, if you are interested contact
5.  Support our Charity:  GENaustin will the beneficiary of a portion of all of our proceedsThey do amazing work building the self-esteem in middle school girls.  Check them out at
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