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Hey everyone...I am new to TX, i was wondering where some good places to go visit are...can anyone help me!
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Where in TX are you and what kind of things do you like?
I am in the houston area, and i like to go to movies, parks, something thats new...tourist stuff i am trying to say, some clubs, bars,
Ok, well, I can't help you much with clubs/bars since I don't really do that stuff. I know that all things gay are in the Montrose area.

If you like hiking and/or biking, Brazos Bend State Park is just outside Sugarland and it really is nice out there. They have an observatory and miles of trails. You can get a pass to all TX state parks for $70/year, which can be a deal if you go often. There's also a really long bike/jog trail in Terry Hershey Park on the west side of town.

Later in the spring there will be free outdoor theater performances ( which is always good for date night. That's downtown. There's also all the basic symphony, plays, etc. There are several museums in Houston and they all charge outrageous admission prices (or that could be my Smithsonian background kicking in --- I don't think you should have to pay for museums!) but they do have free nights. Thursdays, I think. That includes the fine arts museum, the natural history museum, and a couple of other things.

There are two parallel public library systems in Houston: the city libraries ( and the county libraries ( Both run book clubs and other activities, if you're the literary sort.

I hope some of that helps. I'm sure there's somebody here that leads a little more exciting life than I do and can fill you in on where to party!